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                  Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Technology and High-Accuracy Locating Algorithms for IOT

                  URadio Systems' innovated Wi-Fi RFID is an active RFID system based on the widely adopted Wireless LAN (or called Wi-Fi). Wi-Fi RFID system is characterized by long range, accurate reading, low total cost of ownership, and easy use. The unique capability of Wi-Fi RFID system is to track the precise loation of personnel and assets. Wi-Fi RFID system consists of Wi-Fi Tags, Wi-Fi AP (Access Point) and locating engine software. The locating accuracy can be enhanced by using low frequency Exiter or BLE iBeacon. URadio Systems' Wi-Fi RFID supports various ranges of APs including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, H3C, Huawei, Ruijie, Sunray and more.

                  Over 100 hospitals and care centers select URadio products and services


                  Patented ultra-low power Wi-Fi technology to ensure the Wi-Fi based IOT devices (Wi-Fi tags, Wi-Fi call stations etc.)to consume less battery power. The batter life can last over 1 year.


                  4 inventional patents, 17 software copyrights, ISO9001, CE Certification, Top 10 Chinese RTLS companies in 2017 ...


                  Hospital, Senior Care, Factory, Mining, Tunnel, Subway, Mall, Museum, Expo Center, Park, School, Prison ...


                  Customer Cases

                  • 樂成恭和苑
                  • 上海親和源
                  • 泰康之家
                  • 太平梧桐人家
                  • 平安合悅江南
                  • 萬科海上明月
                  • 龍湖新壹城
                  • 中鐵任之城
                  • 無錫耘林生命公寓
                  • 上海天地健康城
                  • 華潤融濟
                  • 西安驪山下院子
                  • 山西孟母
                  • 馬鞍山江東頤養
                  • 西安榮華清荷園
                  • 揚州石柱山康養城
                  • 海爾親和源云街
                  • 徐州綠城佳和養老
                  • 重慶四聯優侍
                  • 天津胸科醫院
                  • 余姚市人民醫院
                  • 三亞灣紅樹林
                  • 紅星美凱龍
                  • 星頤廣場
                  • 廣東省博物館
                  • 重慶國際博覽中心
                  • 上海國家會展中心
                  • 雅礱江水電廠
                  • 吉林白山水電站
                  • 武漢萬噸冷鏈
                  • 太湖管廊


                  • 華為
                  • 華3
                  • 思科
                  • 銳捷
                  • 信銳
                  • 優科
                  • ARUBA
                  • 霍尼韋爾
                  • 萬睿
                  • 鎂鍶銻
                  • 電信通
                  • 重慶四聯優侍
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